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Letter: Capitol coverage shows bias

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Letters to the Editor

The Aiken Standard is at it again with more slanted news coverage. When groups were burning buildings, occupying public buildings, looting stores and fighting with police they were referred to as "protesters seeking social justice." (Remember all the pictures of burning buildings and mobs looting stores?)

Now a group protesting an election that has more holes than Swiss cheese is called a "mob." (See the pictures of people carrying flags and going into buildings.) Words such as "travesty, assault, chaos and violence" are used to describe the action. (Seems like these words should have been used to describe the riots that took place over the summer, too.)

Apparently if you riot against something the radical left agrees with it's a protest but if you protest against something the right believes in it's a riot. If your coverage was anymore slanted it would fall off the table.

Rich Irvine


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