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President Joe Biden is pardoning thousands of Americans convicted of “simple possession” of marijuana under federal law, as his administration takes a dramatic step toward decriminalizing the drug and addressing charging practices that disproportionately impact people of color. He is also calling on governors to issue similar pardons for those convicted of state marijuana offenses, which reflect the vast majority of marijuana possession cases. Biden says the move reflects his position that “no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana.” He says his action will ease the consequences for “people who have prior Federal convictions for marijuana possession, who may be denied employment, housing, or educational opportunities as a result.”

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Phil Mickelson is now a member of the MENA Tour. It's part of a strategy by LIV Golf to get world ranking points this week at its Thailand tournament. The MENA Tour stands for Middle East and North Africa. It's been around since 2011 and has received Official World Golf Ranking points since 2016. But it hasn't played a tournament since early in the COVID-19 pandemic. The MENA Tour says in a news release that LIV Golf Invitational events will now be part of its tour schedule. It will be submitting LIV's 48-man field to the OWGR this week for approval. Read more