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To Rogan Gibson, the Murdaughs were like a second family. He grew up with their sons, Paul and Buster, hunting, fishing and driving ATVs on the family's spacious Colleton County estate. But on Feb. 1, he became a star witness in the state's double murder case against the family patriarch, Alex Murdaugh.

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A federal judge has denied a bid by LIV Golf to receive communications between the PGA Tour and 10 additional Augusta National members to part of its discovery process. LIV wanted PGA Tour board members and retired commissioner Tim Finchem to provide all communications with Augusta National members. The list was narrowed to four club employees and seven members. Among the additional members was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. LIV alleges she attempted to persuade the Justice Department not to investigate the tour. The judge says the request for communications with more club members is overly burdensome and not in proportion to the needs of the litigation. Read moreJudge denies LIV plea to expand discovery to Augusta members