toastIf you haven’t had breakfast yet, there’s bread and a toaster at Elliottborough Mini Bar. The young corner saloon added morning hours about a month ago, so I swung by yesterday on my way to work. I may have staked out the shop a mite too soon: There’s no tea yet, just quality pour-over coffee, but the bleary-eyed staffer said tea’s a planned addition. On the food side, there’s a basket of $1 eggs and a toast bar with fixings. The $1.50 toast is a self-service set-up: Customers choose a slice of plain-Jane white, wheat or gluten-free bread, then garnish with butter, cream cheese, strawberry jam or peanut butter. Or with all of the above: Elliottborough isn’t a highly regimented kind of place. It’s also not yet a very busy place: The staffer attributed his fatigue to the slow traffic that comes with locating in a newish neighborhood. Go keep him awake, folks: Elliottborough’s open from 7 a.m.-11 a.m.