Lieber Prison (copy)

Concertina wire surrounds Lieber Correctional Institute in Dorchester County, near Ridgeville. Grace Beahm/Staff

The mass fighting that killed seven inmates at Lee Correctional Institution is believed to be the deadliest episode at a South Carolina prison in recent history. But violence has been a pervasive problem for years in the state's correctional institutions. Below is a sampling of incidents from recent years:

December 2009: Two death row inmates at Lieber Correctional Institution in Ridgeville jump a correctional officer and stab him 14 times with homemade knives. He survives but can’t return to work.

March 2010: An inmate inside Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville uses a smuggled cellphone to order a hit on a corrections captain, who is shot six times at his home but survives.

November 2011: A convicted child molester is stabbed to death and his body mutilated by another prisoner during a shower-room attack at McCormick Correctional Institution in McCormick.

January 2012: Two correctional officers are beaten by disgruntled prisoners during a five-hour riot that causes extensive damage to Lieber Correctional Institution.

June 2012: A correctional officer is assaulted and held hostage during a six-hour standoff at Lee Correctional Institution.

April 2016: A correctional officer is assaulted and taken hostage during a four-hour riot by inmates at Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer. They damage windows, lights and sprinkler systems and start a fire.

June 2016: One inmate dies and another is wounded during a stabbing with homemade knives in a cell at Lee Correctional Institution.

April 2017: Four prisoners are killed at Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia after two fellow inmates lure them into a cell and fatally strangle and stab them.

April 2017: Three correctional officers are injured, including one who is stabbed, after inmates lead an uprising in a dormitory at Kershaw Correctional Institution in Lancaster County.

July 2017: A 22-year-old inmate dies from injuries he receives in a fight at Lee Correctional Institution.

November 2017: An inmate is stabbed to death by another prisoner at Lee Correctional Institution.

November 2017: A convicted murderer dies after a fight with another inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution.

January: One inmate is killed and eight others are injured during a fight between inmates at Turbeville Correctional Institution in Turbeville.

February: An inmate is killed by another inmate during a fight at Lee Correctional Institute.

March: A correctional officer at Lee Correctional Institution receives minor injuries when he is overpowered by inmates who hold him hostage for about 90 minutes before surrendering.

April: Seven inmates are killed and 17 others are seriously injured after multiple fights break out at Lee Correctional Institution.

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