Auto Briefs

Lowcountry Muscle Car raised $5,100 for charity at its recent Miracle Cruise-in auto show at Sam’s Club in North Charleston.

The Lowcountry Muscle Car Club’s spring car show ended early and still got caught in the rain this year. Nevertheless, the club raised a hefty sum with large participation and passed on the good fortune.

On Monday, the club presented a check to Children’s Miracle Network by way of Sam’s Club for $5,100. The store was the site of the fourth annual Miracle Cruise-in Open Car Show May 28.

Lowcountry Muscle Car Club members on hand to turn over the check included Dennis Warren, club president; Carl Hunter, treasurer; and Jay Palen, vice president.

Lowcountry Muscle Car held the show despite a major storm predicted to hit that Saturday. As it turned out, the club bumped up the finale by an hour and got a bit of fortune from the weather, as rain clouds stayed in the distance until the awards ceremony in early afternoon.

At least in terms of the original 13 colonies, South Carolina can be considered one of the more “auto-patriotic” states in the U.S.A., a vehicle information and shopping network says.

The Palmetto state ranks fourth among the territories that banded together in 1776 to declare independence from Britain. South Carolina posted a 39.8 percent domestic auto share for 2016, according to

The online company held the survey to coincide with “the Fourth of July (being) right around the corner.” defined domestic as products made by “legacy” Detroit Big Three manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Chrysler parent FCA, as well as electric car brand Tesla.

Among the first colonies, Delaware placed highest in domestic auto market share at 42.9 percent.

The analysis did not include American car manufacturing sites of foreign-owned companies. BMW opened its first North American production plant near Spartanburg more than 20 years ago, Volvo has started constructing its assembly plant in Ridgeville and Daimler will roll out American-made Sprinter vans in Ladson.

Separately, Santa Monica, California-based released a list of most patriotic cities based on the highest share of domestic vehicles sold in the past 1,776 days. Michigan markets dominated, with Alpena topping the list at 91.8 percent “auto-patriotic” followed by Flint/Saginaw, Detroit, Traverse City and, the one area outside of Michigan in the top five, Glendive, Montana.

“The automotive industry has been a mainstay of the American economy and a part of the country’s identity throughout history,” said Jessica Caldwell,’s director of industry analysis. “Identifying these cities as the ‘most patriotic’ based on American nameplates is our light-hearted way to recognize the legacy of these brands.”