Q: I keep getting calls from an unknown number. When I answer, no one is there. How can I stop these annoying calls?

A: Bummer. Your number is probably on a telemarketer’s list that uses robotic dialing. Try using a service called Nomorobo. It’s free for VoIP landlines and blocks over 271,000 known robocallers. For $4.99 per month, Nomorobo covers your landline and up to three iPhone or Android phones. Also, make sure your phone number is in the Do Not Call Registry. Click here for three things you need to know about the Do Not Call Registry.

Q: I bought the new Apple TV and wow, there are so many movies and television programs to watch. How can I find a specific television show?

A: The easiest way is to ask Siri. The latest Apple TVs include a remote control that supports voice searches using Siri. To find your favorite shows quickly, use the command with Siri, “Play [SHOW] season [#] episode [#].” If you don’t know the specific season or episode number, you can tell Siri other details, such as, “Play the [SHOW] episode with [GUEST STAR].” Try telling Siri as much as you know, and she’ll figure out the rest for you.

Tip in a Tip: There are more things you can do with your Apple TV than stream movies and shows. I got tired of looking at a dark screen when my TV was off. Not anymore! Now, I see the International Space Station’s view in real-time, gaze at great art and even watch planes traveling around the world. Click here for these free apps you definitely want to add to your Apple TV.

Q: My daughter turns 13 next month and wants a smartphone for her birthday. What do you recommend that won’t break this single mom’s bank account?

A: While she probably wants an iPhone, Huawei is the brand to watch when it comes to budget smartphones. Its Honor 5x has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen, 3000 mAH battery, and 13MP camera that has great features such as time-lapse and slow motion. The Honor 5x also has 16GB of storage, plus microSD card expansion, and it supports Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth. You can find this phone on Amazon for under $200. If you want more choices, click here to see how the Honor 5x stacks up to other budget smartphones.

Q: I think my computer has a virus. Is there a way to tell for sure?

A: If you’re using Windows 10, start with the System Maintenance Troubleshooter. Open your Control Panel and click on System and Security” From there, click Troubleshoot common computer problems, then System Security, and finally, System Maintenance. From there, you’ll be prompted to run a system check on your PC. Troubleshooting a Mac is different. Click here and I’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot a Mac that’s acting badly with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.