The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between June 13-17.

Toni M. and Jason M. Wofford sold 3762 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Jennifer M. and Michael C. Landon for $370,000.

Robert H. and Christine A. Hawes sold 1209 Fifteen Mile Landing Road, Wappetaw Landing to John A. and Suzanne R. Schnorr for $1.5 million.

Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R sold 36 Society St., Ansonborough to Allen and Meghan Biggers for $1.9 million.

William K. Turner sold 2 Ashe St. to Alyson Formichella and Robert Penna for $498,000.

Annette McCants sold 870 Ashley Ave. to Madison L. Tessener for $325,000.

Crosstown Development Partners LLC sold 2 Ashton St. to Spencer L. and Cheryle J. Gibson for $479,000.

Alexander W. and Tina P. Johnson-Brebner III sold 341 President St., Hampton Park Terrace to Samuel E. and Jennifer S. Ferrebee for $471,500.

Donald K. and Sherry J. Jordan sold 83 Smith St., Harleston Green to Robert L. and Susan A. Goodman for $905,000.

Livio Borghese sold 16 Lamboll St. to Andrew N. and Karen A. Dewing for $2.8 million.

Karen J. and Kyle W. Collins sold 81 Nunan St. to Jacqueline C. Tricarico for $427,000.

College Funds 4 Four LLC sold 24 Orrs Court to Camilo Fabian Mateus for $505,000.

Beulah M. Brooks sold 142 President St. to Spring and President LLC for $300,000.

Chase A. Hope sold 6 Rosemont St. to Samuel G. Hosia for $340,000.

John M. Payne sold 764 Rutledge Ave. to Eastside Sky LLC for $420,000.

Laroche L.P. sold 1 Ashley Ave. to HB BK LLC for $2 million.

Darus D. and Mary C. Weathers sold Unit 7H, 14 Lockwood Drive, Ashley House HPR to Anna M. and Wesley Horne for $295,000.

Richard K. Yonce sold Unit A, 60 Calhoun St. to David M. Thompson for $250,000.

Caroline E. Devlaming Farrior sold Unit A, 41 Chapel St. to William A. Bridgers Jr. and Pluma C. Bridgers for $919,000.

Gary R. and Linda B. Webster sold Unit A, 57 Montagu St. to Blythe B. Penna for $625,000.

Sarah M. Cornish sold Unit B, 58 Rutledge Ave. to Allyson Ruth Roberts for $580,000.

John and Lynne Rathgeber sold Unit B, 23 Queen St. to L. Finklea Tomlinson and Lora Kim Meadows for $343,000.

Raymond J. and Krista D. Kall Jr sold 316 East Arctic Ave. to 316 Arctic LLC for $1.1 million.

Paul B. Marks Jr. sold 315 West Ashley Ave. to Wendy Buckley for $840,000.

Daniel G. and Natalie C. Joly sold 92 Mariner’s Cay Road, Mariner’s Cay Racquet and Yacht Club HPR to Christopher S. and Ann M. Rhees for $399,000.

JMH at Deerfield LLC sold 5069 Wapiti Way, Deer Field to William J. Johnson for $235,295.

David A. and Morgan R. Verdery sold 5640 Dixie Plantation Road to Richard T. and Lauren Zeigler for $216,000.

John P. and Monica P. Schuster sold 5546 Salters Hill Road, Miley Hill to Nanette E. and John Papalia for $249,000.

Eileen Bolger Palmer sold 3205 Hartnett Blvd., Forest Trail to Susan A. and Craig S. Wheeler for $655,000.

Mary F. Sykes sold 2 Forest Trail Court, Forest Trail to Robin and Dennis E. Harris for $703,000.

Michael A. and Cheryl A. Foster sold 36 Grand Pavilion Blvd., Wild Dunes to Lance G. and Quinn N. Goff for $1.2 million.

Kory L. Kitchens sold 1017 Grand Concourse, Ashcroft Hall to Ryan M. and Diana M. Barrett for $345,000.

Judith Peters sold 994 Anchor Road, Bayfield Manor to Michael T. and Joyce M. Ballard for $377,000.

William E. and Laura C. Clerc sold 1102 Wayfarer Lane, Bayview Farms to David K. Seagle Jr. and Ashlie L. Seagle for $337,500.

Freeman’s Point Developers LLC sold 1495 Eutaw Battalion Drive, Freeman’s Point to Scott F. and Elizabeth I. Saad for $450,000.

Barbara A. and Chelsea Rogers sold 1144 Quail Drive, Lawton Bluff to James Romano for $261,000.

Christopher L. Verburg sold 739 Shamrock Lane, Lawton Bluff to Stacy A. Williams for $336,000.

Gary and Jane C. Bullard sold 693 Gregg Drive, Lawton Bluff to Lydia W. Haren for $430,000.

Fannie Mae sold 1577 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Noah Muha for $246,000.

Kristine L. Paulsen sold 1593 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Margie H. and Jessica Johnson for $236,000.

Michael Andrew Halavonich sold 723 Majestic Oak Drive, Majestic Oaks at Seaside Plantation to Paul W. and Catherine Ayers for $350,000.

George F. Cultraro sold 2032 Telfair Way, Mira Vista at James Island HPR to Jan Sarel Marthinus Venter for $215,000.

Elizabeth Doudiet Tyrell sold 1131 Wyndham Road, Old Orchard to Kathleen E. Firth for $256,000.

Stewart P. Garrett III and Elizabeth R. Garrett sold 2107 Wappoo Drive, Riverland Terrace to Bryan A. and Julia A. West for $509,250.

C Squared Enterprises LLC sold 121 Oyster Point Row, Rivers Point to Myles Burdell Brandt and Jessica Labbee Hoffard for $354,000.

Thomas M. and Leeah M. Keyser sold 824 Waterloo St., Stiles Point to Alicia M. and Michael Y. Crosby for $375,000.

Amy M. Vandenberg and Amy N. Thompson sold 709 Castle Pinckney Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to Andrew L. and Marie C. Yagle for $605,000.

Steven J. Sher sold 761 Whispering Marsh Drive, Stiles Point Plantation to John H. Gibson and Colleen A. Hanlon for $587,500.

Timothy L. Constantine sold 625 Riverland Drive, Stono Shores to Erik G. Esannason and Tricia Lynn Meinders for $385,000.

David M. and Elizabeth C. Hackney sold 1158 Fort Lamar Road, The Village at Secessionville to Gerard and Jane Conheady for $854,000.

Kelly Regan Duffy sold 1183 Fort Lamar Road, The Village at Secessionville to Bess C. and Lee B. Allen for $912,584.

Lance A. Scott sold 1105 Sabrina Circle, Westfield Place to Andrew J. Adkins and Alison Sylvester for $460,000.

Wilma N. Jackson sold 1329 Whitehouse Blvd. to Liam and Tatiana Riney for $253,000.

Jack V. Webb sold 960 White Point Blvd., Lawton Bluff to Josh and Elizabeth Clayman for $460,000.

Kira Antoniotti Golub sold 1139 Shoreham Road, Willow Walk to Hilary Steele for $231,500.

Trent M. and Kay S. Kernodle sold 238 Woodland Shores Road, Woodland Shores to Allan Strand and Maureen A. Hays for $393,700.

Yellow Galaxy Holdings LLC sold 1432 Telfair Way, Mira Vista at James Island HPR to Shailesh R. and Kush S. Patel for $205,000.

Elizabeth Wendt sold Unit 914, 1025 Riverland Woods Drive, The Retreat at Riverland HPR to William A. and Heidi T. Knochelmann for $213,000.

Nicholas Reid Anderson sold 3209 Blazer Horse Court, Brownswood Farms to John M. and Deanna Green for $230,500.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 3216 Pitchback Way, Brownswood Village to David J. Chorba Jr for $240,651.

BDH LLC sold 3355 Walter Drive, Cedar Springs to Joseph and Stevie Depew for $282,000.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1514 Musgrove St., Lakeside Park at Brownswood Road to Derek L. Dowling and Ekaterina A. Kiseleva for $338,544.

Harold E. and Mary B. Johnson sold 1295 River Road to Allison Dianne Pittman for $397,750.

Robert T. and Vicki L. Baber sold 2754 Coquina Drive, Shoreline Farms to Ralph and Doris A. McCarter for $525,000.

Patricia W. Hartley and Charles H. White Jr. sold 771 Spinnaker Beachhouse Vl, Spinnaker Beachhouses to Lucinda Thompson for $257,000.

Catherine B. and Thomas A. Stallworth sold 1762 Bee Balm Road, St. Johns Crossing to Alexander Sbrocchi for $236,000.

Adam M. and Stephanie J. Dimar sold 2759 Summertrees Blvd., Summertrees to Robert Kozakiewicz and Kerri Leigh Palmer for $248,000.

Scott M. and Shawn E. Wandrei sold 1298 Segar St., Swygert’s Landing to Craig and Ashley Atchison for $328,000.

Donald A. and Jane A. Nielsen sold 3070 Penny Lane, The Bend At River Road to Beata Bennett for $230,000.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1643 Valley Oak Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Kevin and Nickole Murphy for $290,779.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1667 Valley Oak Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Stephanie Marzella and Jimmie Denmark for $320,858.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1707 Valley Oak Road, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Tyler N. and Lisa W. Young for $323,830.

Lisa W. and Tyler N. Young sold 2966 Sweetleaf Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Jacqueline Thompson for $212,000.

Chucktown Dwellings LLC sold 2898 Sweetleaf Lane, Whitney Lakes to Thomas B. and Helen E. Wheeler for $220,000.

Megan P. and Ray A. Hicks sold 1956 Walkers Ferry Place, Winnsboro Lakes to Debra L. Parker for $232,000.

Hilary J. Bernstein sold Unit 3F, 2426 Stono Watch Drive, Stono Watch HPR to Russell Neimy for $217,000.

Mark Anthony Gargano sold 57 Lemoyne Lane, The Cassique to Richard J. Hagen Jr. and Katherine J. Hagen for $650,000.

Kary R. and Kathleen B. Schulte sold 53 Greensward Road, Middlewoods West to Christopher B. Mcnamara for $750,000.

Richard and Suzanne’s Excellent Adventure LLC sold 11 Silver Moss Circle, Ocean Green to David M. and Virginia W. Savitz for $1.3 million.

Richard B. and Margaret L. Buesman sold 91 Salthouse Lane, The Settlemant to Matthew J. and Jennifer M. Bastian for $1.1 million.

Frederique Garnier-Johnston and Marie-Isabelle Garnier sold 4559 Park Lake Drive, Parkside Villas to Peter A. Hunt for $500,000.

Paul E. and Patricia Gregory sold 63 Belmead Hall, Inlet Cove Club to Sander and Seehan Real Estate LLC for $572,500.

Lisa Young Gfeller sold 1313 Sea Elder Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to Sharon Ruth Magary and Susan M. Heppler for $600,000.

Duane E. and Melanie C. Lakin sold 1359 Dunlin Court, Fairway Oaks Villas to Betty Jo Havens for $382,000.

Margaret Hentz sold 6395 Simmons Bluff Road, Yonges Island to Louise and Mona L. Signorile for $305,000.

Edward A. and Michelle L. Wenz sold 2017 Ashburton Way, Andover at Park West to Jay Mosley for $620,000.

Richard M. and Danita R. Belcher sold 205 Island Point Court, Belle Hall Parkway and The Island to Jennifer H. and James P. Gaffney for $905,000.

Jason E. and Julia L. Holmes sold 1676 Jorrington St., Berkleigh at Park West to Mark K. and Elizabeth Barber for $423,000.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1013 Bowman Woods Drive, Bowman Road Townhomes to Heather Marie Mathews for $393,130.

William D’Angelo sold 15 Joyce Ave., Brookgreen Meadows to 15 Joyce LLC for $355,500.

Joseph F. and Ina Hadziselimovic-O’Rourke sold 1528 Wakendaw Road, Candlewood to Kellie and Margaret V. Evans for $292,500.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 1533 Bourne Crossing, Carolina Park to Kenneth I. and Amy R. Wagner for $557,375.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 3708 Maidstone Drive, Carolina Park to Anthony G. Martin for $562,475.

FD Communities LLC sold 3673 Stamler Court, Carolina Park to Jason Kennickell for $588,535.

Kristopher R. and Heather N. Teague sold 1486 Crane Creek Drive, Carolina Park to Patrick and Catherine Matheson for $460,000.

Sabal Homes at Carolina Park LLC sold 1566 Lindsey Creek Drive, Carolina Park to David A. and Natalie K. Bodie for $750,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3734 Gambrill Lane, Carolina Park to Richard A. Stone for $522,205.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3693 Stamler Court, Carolina Park to Mark R. and Carin Berchtold for $591,102.

Robert T. Hammes Sr sold 1750 Canyon Oaks Drive, Cathedral Oaks at Seaside Farms to Gary and Kathryn Christmas for $1.2 million.

Ryan K. and Melissa A. Wagner sold 2477 Fulford Court, Chadbury Village to Ian and Amanda Campbell for $323,195.

Melissa C. and Matthew J. Johnson sold 1308 Pilsdon Crest, Chelsea Park to Nora M. and Gerald R. Coker Jr. for $375,000.

James B. and Angela S. Bragg sold 1506 Diamond Blvd., Crown Pointe to Danny Ta and Anita McCauley for $389,000.

NSHE Crawford Lake LLC sold 412 Rose Wilder Lane, Earl’s Court to Eadwacer Holdings LLC for $210,200.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group II LLC sold 155 Slipper Shell Court, Etiwan Pointe to Sharon N. Dominick and Mark A. Norment for $331,704.

David E. and Jill E. Desplaces sold 508 Gilberts Landing, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Jeremy L. and Elizabeth W. Cook for $920,000.

J. Cooper and Jennifer W. Crouse sold 488 Brookhaven Court, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Jeffrey J. and Jacqueline N. Laro for $1.3 million.

Alan B. and Dorie E. Evans sold 534 Sebay Drive, Hobcaw Point to Charles B. and Terri L.A. Wallace for $1.5 million.

Hugh W. and Meredith G. Buyck sold 307 Molasses Lane, Hobcaw Point to Paul I. and Molly A. Butler for $850,000.

Lynn W. Jelinksi and Daniel J. Woodard sold 205 Molasses Lane, Hobcaw Point to Alston M. and Lisa W. Leland for $650,000.

Dennis E. and Robin J. Harris sold 2613 Kiln Creek Circle, Kiln Creek to William D. and Charlene Apostol for $725,000.

Derrick V. and Claire H. Apple sold 1285 Laurel Park Trail, Laurel Grove to Brenda B. and Thomas W. Olcott for $352,000.

Eli Goldstein and Alyssa Shefsky sold 1289 Laurel Park Trail, Laurel Grove to Scott P. and Laura H. Curley for $265,000.

Richard Schafer sold 1298 Laurel Park Trail, Laurel Grove to John H. Todd Jr. and Stacy N. Todd for $313,000.

Jason and Emily Kaartunen sold 3656 Locklear Lane, Lieben Park to Lindsay A. and Travis A. Dupont for $345,000.

Daohong Zhou and Liya Liu sold 319 Plantation View Lane, Longpoint to Robert and Terri Benz for $595,000.

Luebbers Palmer Properties LLC sold 3508 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Ashley Martindale for $217,000.

William M. and Martha B. Trice sold 1266 Old Ivy Way, Magnolia Grove at Brickyard Plantation to David B. and Sharon E. Cruse for $422,500.

Sara T. Colbert sold 1287 Lake Mallard Blvd., Mallard Lakes to William E. Traylor for $329,900.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 3019 Sturbridge Road, Marsh Cove to David A. and Melissa Lott for $646,071.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2289 Beckenham Drive, Masonborough at Park West to Jeffrey S. and Paula C. Valenti for $788,560.

Benjamin L. and Allison H. Johnston sold 720 Royall Ave., Mount Royall to Timothy G. and Lindsi S. Eisenhauer for $845,000.

Jerry L. Rice sold 514 Ruby Drive to Thomas O. and Jessica L. Miller for $489,000.

Allen Biggers sold 526 London Bridge Road, Olde Bridge to Cameron L. and Rebecca A. Cheek for $650,000.

Jay D. and Donna S. Gottesman sold 210 Little Palm Loop, Olde Park to Hugh W. and Meredith G. Buyck for $1.4 million.

Michael P. Leddy sold 755 McCants Drive, Osceola Oaks to William J. and Lona E. Boice for $325,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2312 Skyler Drive, Oyster Point to W. Bryan Magers for $539,700.

William W. and Denise J. Richards sold 1533 Sweet Myrtle Circle, Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Edward W. and Lynn Peterson for $319,000.

Charles K. and A. Patricia Blohme sold 1202 Oldwanus Drive, Parish Place to Joel and Jennifer Knight for $347,000.

1587 Thomas Barksdale Wonders LLC sold 1587 Thomas Barksdale Way, Park West to Charles J. Brown and Cheryl Marie Kranz for $390,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1696 Bridwell Lane, Park West to Leah Marie Mulrooney for $273,710.

Donald E. Schappell and Anita B. Snyder sold 1769 Wellstead St., Pembroke to Nancy M. Lassiter for $462,500.

Dorothy P. and James R. West sold 1084 Rosemead Road to Canan Erdogan and Comert Pehlivan for $240,000.

Victor R. Moody Jr. sold 2507 Periwinkle Spout Cove, Saltwood at Planter’s Pointe to David L. and Susan D. Johnson for $439,500.

Deborah Christiane Lacombe sold 327 Pelican Place, Sandpiper Point to Erin A. Walker for $307,500.

Walter S. Golub sold 207 Scott St. to Oak Point Partners LLC and Whilden Street Investments LLC for $456,750.

Roberto M. and Cynthia W. Garcia sold 1816 North Smokerise Way, Smokerise at Planter’s Pointe to Albert W. and Michele A. Reibling for $385,000.

James G. and Elizabeth C. Larke sold 1159 Shilling Place, Snee Farm to Jonathan C. Wilbourne for $365,000.

Joanna L. Jones Kennerty sold 1122 Middleton Court, Snee Farm Gardens to Leo Marcel Bianchi for $245,000.

William and Renee Allison-Riley sold 1317 Horseshoe Bend, Sweetgrass to Gary L. and Marcia F. Dickman for $335,000.

Linda Vincent sold 285 Mossy Oak Way, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Harry J. Kennerty III for $375,000.

Robert W. and Rebecca L. Altman sold 331 Fern House Walk, The Courtyard at Belle Hall Plantation to Daniel D. and Lauren E. Beech for $425,000.

James Glowniak Jr. and Rhonda Glowniak sold 3169 Queensgate Way, The Gates at Park West to Cynthia Lee Rickenbaker for $201,000.

Marvin J. Jenkins sold 960 Cliffwood Drive, The Groves to Matthew B. and Mary F. O’Steen for $675,000.

Stephen M. and Margaret C. Hekker sold 1725 Bowline Drive, The Harbour at Dunes West to Carl K. and Annalee O. Carter Jr for $1.3 million.

Gregory and Andrea Enright sold 2524 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Stephen A. and Theresa A. Froehlich for $360,000.

Matthew F. Kohler sold 2816 Waterpointe Circle, The Landing at Brickyard Plantation to Christopher A. and Elizabeth A. Ernst for $505,000.

David M. and Tamarae C. Tabaka sold 3251 Heathland Way, The Orchard at Charleston National to Lisa Fullen and Nancy C. Heffernan for $365,000.

Gail Shannahan sold 3313 Heathland Way, The Orchard at Charleston National to Eric J. and Andrea C. De Gruchy for $357,000.

Elizabeth S. Reed sold 3539 Bagley Drive, The Preston at Park West to Brenda M. Roberts for $300,000.

Thomas M. and Patricia M. Shannon sold 2740 Gaston Gate, The Retreat at Brickyard Plantation to Tiffany R. and Robert Matthews Jr. for $425,000.

Kevin L. and Kathleen A. Edenborough sold 541 Veranda View, The Veranda at Belle Hall Plantation to Brandon M. and Shawna R. Courter for $339,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 248 Swallowtail Court, Tidal Walk at Belle Hall Plantation to Adam and Erin Jarrett for $502,310.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 2016 Welsh Pony Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Yazen Ziad Sleem and Melanie Lynn Carlson for $363,142.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 2011 Welsh Pony Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Clayton Alan Fronk for $390,916.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 2088 Welsh Pony Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Timothy N. and Barbara Z. Chalfant for $426,500.

Carolyn R. Newbern sold 765 Wakendaw Road, Wakendaw Lakes to Zachary M. and Cristi A. Novak for $556,150.

Louise S. Harvell sold 686 Lake Point, Wakendaw Lakes to Warren S. and Margaret E. Player for $492,000.

Bryan K. and Bethea A. Crabtree sold 1612 Paradise Lake Drive, Watermark to Jordan Roberts for $610,000.

Thomas J. Darwish and Alan D. Harris sold 719 Center St., Waterway Arms to Matthew W. Alderman for $205,000.

Kristi L. Mailloux and Todd Recknagel sold 112 Cooper River Drive, The Tides HPR to A.i.k. Partners LLC for $602,000.

Robert T. and Linda C. Newcomb sold Unit 405, 857 Liriope Lane, Waterford HPR to Blakely C. Genoble for $205,000.

E. Jean Martin sold Unit 74, 144 Fresh Meadow Lane, Egret’s Walk HPR to Ingrid S. Russell for $365,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 7718 High Maple Circle, Brookdale to Tyler C. Stoddard for $245,360.

Neighborhood Revitalization LLC sold 4334 Bream Road, Evanston to Matthew Catalano for $210,000.

Prime Properties of Charleston LLC sold 5045 Draper St. to Brandon L. Andrews for $224,000.

The Carson Family LP sold 4580 Durant Ave. to GRE Holdings LLC for $260,000.

James G. and Sally A. Kingston sold 5221 Celtic Drive, Oak Terrace Preserve to Jason P. Harlos and Laura Kate Whitney for $255,000.

William G. and Mollie H. Reeves sold 4921 West Liberty Park Circle, Oak Terrace Preserve to Jeffrey Scott Newton for $245,000.

Frank C. and Elizabeth D. Thompson sold 4641 Apple St., Wando Woods to William H. Felder Jr. for $415,000.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 4290 Misty Hollow Lane, Poplar Grove to Francis P. and Mary A. Twohig for $358,650.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 4214 Home Town Lane, Poplar Grove to Logan L. and Katrina D. Bland for $355,375.

SEFH of South Carolina LLC sold 1118 Neighborhood Lane, Poplar Grove to James H. and Deborah J. McGarry for $384,900.

SEFH of South Carolina LLC sold 4264 Home Town Lane, Poplar Grove to Richard L. and Janet G. Saucier for $421,834.

Andrew B. Segal and Karen Weber sold 1820 Ion Ave., to Eleanor Flack Real Estate Holdings LLC for $1.8 million.

Scott Kay and Kate Dellas sold Unit 5, 1121 Middle St., The 1121 Middle Street HPR to Mclean Sheperd for $1.3 million.

Donald W. and Barbara L. Garraghty sold 423 Grand Palm Lane, Palmetto Place to Walter P. Heck Jr. and Carol Heck for $200,000.

Robert G. Cowan Jr. sold 226 North Ainsdale Drive, Ainsdale at Shadowmoss Plantation to T. Michael and Anemaria Lutas for $335,000.

Strobel Properties LLC sold 1511 Savannah Highway, American Pawn to VCKH’s Magnolia LLC for $2.4 million.

Katherine and Matthew Roden sold 722 Bent Hickory Road, Bees Landing to Ciaran P. and Lakyn Traquair for $272,000.

Jason M. and Kayla C.G. Herndon sold 1409 Roustabout Way, Bolton’s Landing to John and Ashleigh Potter for $325,000.

Timothy R. and Patricia A. Kelly sold 1760 Batten Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Patrick S. and Elizabeth Bass for $330,000.

Daniel and Catherine Delaigle sold 23 Sothel Ave., Byrnes Downs to Hayley Ann Singleton for $300,000.

Jane C. Bouch sold 5 Ludwell St., Byrnes Downs to Elizabeth Rose Doran for $368,000.

Centex Homes sold 1853 Gammon St., Carolina Bay to Joseph D. and Hilarie H. Boone for $317,165.

Centex Homes sold 2815 Stonestown Drive, Carolina Bay to Michael A. and Jamie H. Hyland for $379,790.

Centex Homes sold 1803 Gammon St., Carolina Bay to Christopher A. and Brandi M. Osteen for $383,840.

Centex Homes sold 1831 Gammon St., Carolina Bay to Betty L. and David R. Mills for $395,405.

N. Hershel and Evelyn L. Sarasohn sold 131 Chadwick Drive to Daniel P. and Marie C. Beck for $430,000.

Brian J. and Beth H. Blazek sold 546 Beachcraft St., Citadel Woods to Maxie L. and Amanda Phillips for $215,000.

Caitlin L. Crodian sold 362 Culver Ave., Citadel Woods to Kathleen R. and Jonathan S. Hurtt for $242,000.

Gregg M. and Emmeline E. Szymkowicz sold 456 Cessna Ave., Citadel Woods to William Rinaldi for $239,990.

Robert Ryan Lynn sold 2323 Vanderbilt Drive, Drayton on the Ashley to Jonathan R. and Malissa Kittrell for $222,500.

Edward and Julie Carlberg sold 1913 Delmar St., Dupont to Anthony and Elizabeth McGuan for $222,500.

Marc H. and Ellen R. Kolender sold 2410 Kendall Drive, Essex Farms of Carolina Bay to William M. and Angela M. Bruce for $325,000.

Henry Latter Jr. sold 329 Wappoo Road, Geddes Hall to Mark and Natalie Christian for $305,000.

Calatlantic Group Inc. sold 169 Gazania Way, Grand Oaks to Bryan M. Ramos for $332,933.

Brian E. and Leah W. King sold 454 Maple Oak Lane, Harrington Place to Christopher D. and Lindsey K. Capps for $264,900.

Justin A. and Delia J. Linnemann sold 1776 Balfoure Drive, Huntington Woods to Marla and J. Alan Linnemann for $240,000.

Gayle C. McDaniel sold 53 Jawol Drive, Mayfair at Shadowmoss Plantation to William E. and Laura C. Clerc for $242,500.

Beth F. and Stephen W. Whitaker sold 822 Williamsburg Lane, Melrose to Jonathan D. and Amanda C. Detrich for $238,000.

JSF Properties LLC sold 604 Savannah Highway, Moreland to El Jefe Holdings LLC for $487,500.

James V. and Genovaite T. Butski sold 616 Cabrill Drive, Moss Creek at Grande Oaks to Jason S. Johnson for $281,000.

Lawrence D. Lewis II and Gretchen D. Lewis sold 166 Cabrill Drive, Moss Creek at Grande Oaks to Brian A. and Stephanie M. Lachel for $254,050.

Thomas J. and Sara V. Kraft sold 1839 Somerset Circle, Northbridge Terrace to Wilma Lucas for $429,000.

Thomas W. and Karen F. Range sold 7105 Windmill Creek Road, Oakleaf at Village Green to Guy and Cierra Martino for $232,000.

Jackie C. and Eugene O. Moore Jr. sold 2240 Tacony Road, Parkdale to William O. Duc IV for $280,000.

Edgar J. and Laura F. Donnelly sold 4 Portsmouth Circle, Parkshore to Andrew R. and Ellen O’Dell for $415,000.

Antonia Bernard Tucker and Athena Garden sold 1744 Indaba Way, Ricefield of Carolina Bay to Wei Qiao and Fengyan Shi for $315,000.

Matthew L. and Diane L. Scott sold 1835 Ground Pine Drive, Ricefield of Carolina Bay to Britton and Madison McCaskill for $266,800.

Stephanie H. and Braden A. Horvath sold 1814 Chickasaw Drive, Ricefield of Carolina Bay to Karen E. Sullivan for $310,500.

D2 Properties LLC sold 405 Cross St., Rotherwood Estates to George E. and Michele P. Brant for $400,000.

Jeffrey D. and Karen D. King sold 1003 Blockade Runner Court, Schieveling Plantation to Erin H. and Price S. Ward for $384,000.

Leneve B. Barrow sold 2001 Izard Court, Schieveling Plantation to Nicole L. Kinsey for $329,000.

Kristin K. and Eric D. Partin sold 438 Cabrill Drive, Sienna at Bee’s Landing to Beverly and David Lunan for $229,900.

Allan Jerome Anthony sold 2142 Church Creek Drive, Springfield to Scott Thomas Flood for $210,000.

Brandon T. and Gary T. Reid sold 2615 Church Creek Drive, Springfield to Matthew Bolt for $200,000.

Nikolaus Krause sold 1620 Pinckney Park Drive, Stono Park to Jack R. and Stacy S. Vander Pol for $230,000.

Jon L. and Amanda Reary sold 6021 Fieldstone Circle, Sweetbay to Travis S. and Melissa M. Mosny for $264,500.

Don M. and Nancy C. Clanton sold 358 Meadow Breeze Lane, Sylvan Shores to Mark E. and Linda C. Shaw for $675,000.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks LLC sold 112 Fulmar Place, The Landing at Grand Oaks to Kara R. and Chadwick W. Cockrum for $267,140.

Anna C. Angle Lillard sold 1890 Maple Leaf Court, The Meadows at Westborough to Bennett Warner Coleman for $240,000.

Ernestine Barnes Small sold 3263 Hunters Rest Drive, The Willows at Village Green to Kelly R. and Bryson L. Webb for $230,000.

Jeffrey M. Davis and Karen Elaine Robert sold 1628 Indaba Way, Tidewater at Carolina Bay to Rachael Pearce for $265,000.

Nuts and Boltzs LLC sold 1028 Wappoo Road, Wespanee to Ready Cap Lending LLC for $370,000.

Cheryl L. Harmon sold 1842 Gippy Lane, West Ashley Plantation to Laura A. Cardina and Kimberly A. Simmons for $207,000.

MFJ Properties LLC sold 1878 Christian Road, West Ashley Plantation to Christopher and Sarah Little for $233,500.

Renee I. Madden sold Unit 409 I, 2337 Tall Sail Drive, Seagate HPR to Bruce A. and Jennifer L. Zemba for $224,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 31-June 3.

Daniel Island Associates LLC sold 408 Fish Tale Road, Daniel Island Ralston Creek to Thomas J. and Deborah A. Obrien for $265,000.

Dennis R. and Shannon R. Meder sold 132 Sandshell Drive, Shellring at St. Thomas Island to Andrea and Nicole A Balzarotti for $494,000.

Karen Miller Kovach sold 1515 Jenys St., Daniel Island Townhouses to Royston B. Kennedy for $475,000.

Sherri L. Das sold 1110 Waters Inlet Circle, The Peninsula to Justin Shane Vickers for $242,000.

William David and Ashley Blair Brown sold 208 Clouter Creek Drive, Shellring at St. Thomas Island to Melissa A. Kriza for $420,000.

Alan and Marla J. Linnemann sold 151 Brady St., Daniel Island to Elaine L. and David L. Maddox for $475,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 7886 Farr St., Daniel Island to Ryan C. and Courtenay R. Fisher for $797,530.

Dustin and Rebecca Seager sold 185 Brady St., Daniel Island to Daniel F. H. Schlegel for $545,000.

Gary Allen and Shari Allen sold 2226 Daniel Island Drive, Daniel Island to Mary Richelle and Amy R. Dulin for $547,900.

Geraldine M. Spivey sold 803 Center Park St., Daniel Island Center Park Townhouse to Heather L. Teems for $372,500.

Hollace H. and John T. Wheeler sold 9 Watroo Point, Daniel Isand Park to Donna W. and Wesley D. Henry for $1.2 million.

Ana L. White sold 169 Balbriggan Drive, Longford Place Plantation to Michael J. and Amber N. Hogue for $204,000.

Gabriel Gomez II and Dora Gomez sold 248 Old Savannah Drive, Foster’s Creek to Joseph F. Petrus IV for $250,000.

Jay and Anna Wilson sold 200 Waterbrook Drive, Mulberry Park to Aaron D. and Kristy D.S. Koehler for $237,300.

Jeffrey S. and Terri F. Bailey sold 137 Winding Rock Road, Crowfield to Terry A. and Brandy F. Pescosolido for $291,000.

Jonathan Torres sold 320 Clayburne Drive, Brick Barn Pointe to Katherine Heflin for $207,000.

Eastwood Contruction LLC sold 304 Bibiana Lane, Montague Plantation to Vicki Sue Stigleman for $221,205.

Tarha A. Burchell sold 529 Mountain Laurel Circle, Liberty Village to Colin Ryan and Alaina Dunker for $285,000.

Timothy C. Muck sold 108 Applebee Court, Friars Grove to Steven A. and Tonya R. Brandenburg for $254,000.

Francis A. Mlynarczyk sold 1101 Lands End Drive, Tanner Hall to Christopher B. and Dianna U. Cook for $240,000.

Galloway Family Homes LLC sold 1506 Crescent Moon Cove, Indigo Island Reserve to Charles C. and Susan P. Sargent for $415,000.

Jennifer M. Guerra sold 1055 Steelechase Lane, Carlton Place to Nancy L. Waters for $219,918.

Songer Construction Inc sold 7322 Coopers Hawk Drive, Tanner Plantation to William R. and Theresa B. Pritchard for $275,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 7423 Mercedes Way, Timbercrest Village to Kilte and Tiffany Taylor for $342,323.

Antha Jeanne Wllis sold 1303 Francis Marion Circle, Stony Landing to Odis Albert and Constance Morrison Nole for $285,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 460 Foxbank Plantation Blvd. to Ryan Shane and Heather Crain McDowell for $258,479.

Hunter Quinn Homes LLC sold 409 War Admiral Lane, Fairmont South to Carol S. West and Taliah Sims for $269,540.

Michael S. and Megan Danner sold 181 Carolina Wren Ave., Cypress Ridge to Michael T. and Megan Stroud for $224,450.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 695 Silver Moss Drive, Moss Grove Plantation to Warren A. and Debbie L. Baxter for $209,990.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 222 Sugarhouse Court, Strawberry Station to Mark J. and Donna K. Sutay for $245,650.

Osker L. Dugger sold 324 Foxbank Plantation Blvd., Foxbank Plantation to Brian Douglas and Jennifer Lynn Brumbaugh for $225,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 324 Fox Ridge Lane, Foxbank Plantation to Herbert F. and Jessica Michelle Sprankle for $300,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 225 Sugarhouse Court, Strawberry Station to Loretta Rockel for $222,412.

Leslie Jakobsen sold 7481 Hawks Circle, Tanner Plantation to Julie Smith and Jonathan David Douglas for $230,000.

Carolina Cottage Homes LLC sold 615 Long Meadwow St., Neton to Jennifer L. Lydick for $255,700.

Chrystal L. Davis sold 125 Basket Grass Lane, Cane Bay to Justin Wayne Epps and Abby Caroline Dunning for $280,000.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 287 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Jeffrey D. and Regine D. Colen for $356,500.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 300 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Mary K. Miller for $430,830.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 122 Koban Dori Road, Cane Bay to Marquez Darshawn and Brandy N. Williams for $275,837.

Edward and Linda R. Neilan sold 436 Eastern Isle Ave., Cane Bay to Franz and Joyce Seydl for $250,000.

Michael A. Miller sold 429 Cotton Hope Lane, Weatherstone to James Daniel MacArthur Rhodes and Meredith Justiss for $203,900.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 233 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Nicholas Paul and Brandi Lynn Kyger for $223,747.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 310 Saucer Road, Cane Bay to Juan Bayuelo for $219,461.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 658 Battery Edge Drive, Cane Bay to John Smelgus and Sharon C. Ovelgone for $243,765.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 264 Spectrum Road, Cane Bay to Gerald J. and Sharon Deroche for $249,275.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 713 Battery Edge Drive, Cane Bay to Ronald T. Sapp and Valerie R. Cialini for $281,340.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 111 Windward Court, Cane Bay to Dana F. Creed for $334,400.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 324 Oak Park St., Nexton to Martin and Holly Armstrong for $396,715.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 205 Great Lawn Drive, Nexton to Glenda M. Smith for $367,990.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 252 Scholar Way, Nexton to Mark Matchett for $388,871.

Rex L. and Janis R. Bottorff sold 402 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Jo A. Olsvig and Mark Eugene Niccum for $216,900.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 288 Calm Water Way, Cane Bay to Brandon and Valerie Sinkler for $499,805.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 240 Palmetto Walk Drive, Cane Bay to Braeden and Julie Kershner for $276,745.

Sabal Homes at Cane Bay Plantation LLC sold 409 True North Trail, Cane Bay to Justin K and Erin A Mckenzie for $379,685.

Deanne Daguiar Baumgartner sold 303 Megans Bay Lane, Shellring at St. Thomas Island to Brandon Weil and Crystal Lynn Weinberg for $360,000.

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between May 31-June 3.

Lennar Carolinas LLC sold 9752 Black Willow Lane, Coosaw Preserve to Steven W. Larkins for $344,285.

Carmen D. and Dwight J. Taylor sold 5429 Roxbury Drive, Brookshire to Gregory D. Elia for $222,000.

Adam S. Mallard sold 8000 Mckayla Road, Myers Mill to Kerk M. and Elizabeth J. Battle for $253,306.

Albert Taylor sold 153 Gaslight Blvd., Reminisce to Travis R. Whitney for $227,000.

Anthony W. and Carol A. Mennett sold 1212 Out Of Bounds Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Charles and Meghan M. Heiry for $262,500.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 114 Curry St., Limehouse to Justin G. and Gaythel J. McCarthy for $307,000.

Ashton Charleston Residential LLC sold 205 Cypress Knee Landing, Limehouse to Ivan Benjamin Aiken IV for $422,181.

Frieda Corcoran sold 112 Spring Meadows Drive, Bridges of Summerville to Scott A. and Tracey A. King for $244,500.

Handh Construcors Inc sold 347 Prestwick Court, Pine Forest Country Club to Michael E. and Lynda Tobin for $351,050.

James E. Chellis sold 139 Hammerbeck Road, Brookwood to Birmania Cobo and Marcos Villacreses for $292,000.

Jason P. and Lisa T. Carter sold 108 Tandil Court, Plum Creek to Brandon and Melissa L. Spivy for $225,000.

Jeffrey C. Lakevicius sold 104 Hazeltine Bend, Pine Forest Country Club to Garson A. and Angela R. Beers for $329,000.

Kyle M. and Emily J. Ithal sold 5168 Blair Road, Myers Mill to William Key Howard for $267,000.

Mark A. and Dawn L. Hillegass sold 6001 Liddington Court, Victoria Pointe to Michael J. and Tiffany Raegan Brady for $220,000.

Mark K. and Miranda F. Pyles sold 105 Manigault Drive, Parsons Road to Robert and Elizabeth Degraff for $358,000.

Maureen Elizabeth Hawes sold 4824 Hortonrest Court, Wescott Plantation to Jesse and Denise Marie Frederiksen for $256,000.

Melinda Sue Koerner and Robert J. Parrish sold 114 Elliot Creek Lane, Bluffs at Ashley River to Shaun E. and Lisa A. Meiner for $331,500.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 615 Calabash Court to Kael and Kristine Kellenberger for $218,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 169 Hickory Ridge Way, Hickory Ridge to Chris X. Kessel for $249,500.

Ryland Group Inc. sold 506 Tarleton Drive, Reminisce to Melinda Sue Koerner and Robert J. Parrish for $262,500.

DR Horton Inc. sold 193 Hickory Ridge Way, Hickory Ridge to Malcolm A. and Laverne E. Inniss for $225,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 175 Hickory Ridge Way, Hickory Ridge to Emerson A. Romero Medina for $239,000.

Phillip C. and Sandra C. Euper sold 2034 Asher Loop, Legend Oaks Plantation to Andrew Jeffrey and Heather Spencer Dickson for $218,000.

Ronald and Denise Murray sold 1171 Out Of Bounds Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Julian Neil and Linda J. Humbert for $350,000.

Salvador Escobar sold 5105 Village Crier Lane, Wescott Plantation to John George Tsahakis and Angie Rouva for $221,000.

Thomas L. Galow and Jennifer L. McGeady sold 5209 Carlisle Court, Woodlands at Wescott to George Haas for $203,000.

Tidelands Bank sold 116 Lamplight Circle to Louis Signorile for $360,000.