No more layoffs expected at firm Snagajob says ‘very modest’ number left PeopleMatter

Tech company PeopleMatter, located on King Street, was sold last month to Virginia-based Snagajob.

PeopleMatter cut an unspecified number of jobs after it was acquired last month, but the buyer of the Charleston technology company says no more layoffs are expected.

Virginia-based Snagajob, which bought PeopleMatter for an unspecified sum, says a “very modest” number of employees left the downtown company as part of the process of combining the two businesses.

“As part of the natural evolution of integrating two organizations, a very modest amount of employees have exited the company or moved into different roles to account for overlaps in responsibilities,” Snagajob spokeswoman Lauren Dyke said in a statement.

The company wouldn’t say how many people lost their jobs or which divisions were affected.

The layoffs appear to be complete, though. Dyke said Snagajob is done with the process of looking for overlapping positions and evaluating staffing levels after the acquisition.

PeopleMatter, which has its offices on upper King Street, had grown to be one of the most prominent companies in Charleston’s tech sector after it was founded in 2009. It attracted some $63 million in investments, and it grew to more than 100 employees on the peninsula.

That growth was capped when the company, which builds software that helps restaurants hire and manage workers, was purchased by Snagajob, a well-heeled competitor in the business of selling human-resources software.

The deal was the Charleston tech industry’s first high-profile acquisition of 2016, and it came less than a year after the digital advertising firm PureCars and the core business of the software development company SPARC were sold last fall.

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