Drone-powered live stream of Patriots Point fireworks show draws more than 15,000 viewers

Two drones filmed Patriots Point’s annual July 4 fireworks show, which was broadcast live online by the Daniel Island streaming service Stre.am. (Provided)

Filming fireworks from drones is still a pretty novel idea. Streaming that footage live is even newer.

So when Daniel Island-based Infinite Takes sent two drones airborne and streamed Patriots Point’s July 4 fireworks show on its Stre.am service, thousands of people tuned in.

More than 15,000 people watched the video live Monday night, said Will Jamieson, the company’s chief marketing officer — and, on Monday, a drone pilot. Most of them came from South Carolina, but viewers came from all 50 states, watching on smartphones, computers and Apple TV, Jamieson said.

The video may have been seen by more people when other sites picked up the feed, he added, but the company doesn’t have statistics on those viewers.

“What we were able to do with such little equipment was incredible and will hopefully see other organizations using our software in similar ways going forward,” Jamieson said in a direct message on Twitter. “It was one of the most watched streams we had ever had on the platform.”

Some viewers ran into snags, though, said Patriots Point spokesman Chris Hauff — mostly confusion about how to change camera angles after the website defaulted to a video showing the side of the USS Yorktown. That caused frustration among some viewers, Hauff said, so if the museum tries drone video again next year, it may only offer users one option.

Jamieson said the site also had a stream that spliced together the best feeds, and in the future, the company plans to give its clients the ability to choose which feed shows up first.

“We’re always tweaking things, trying to make it better,” Hauff said of the fireworks show. “This was definitely a step in the right direction.”

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