NEW YORK — Jaime Camil and Bianca Marroquin made history Monday night in “Chicago” as the first two Mexican-born actors to lead the Broadway cast.

Camil and Marroquin hugged and smiled during their curtain call, which got a standing ovation. A large Mexican flag was handed to them by a cast member.

“I had been waiting for you,” she told the “Jane the Virgin” actor, who made his Broadway debut in May as the musical’s charmingly corrupt lawyer Billy Flynn.

Camil’s last day in “Chicago” will be July 31.

NEW YORK — Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act” will feature several Broadway productions this summer, including behind-the-curtain peeks on “An American in Paris,” “Finding Neverland” and “The King and I.”

The shows will be included in a six-part “Broadway Balances America” series that offers viewers a look at the cast and crew who make the shows possible. “The Balancing Act” will launch its third season Aug. 8.

The show is also available on Apple TV, Amazon and Roku.

NEW YORK — USA network says recent tragic events in Dallas and elsewhere have prompted it to postpone the premiere of its new series, “Shooter.”

Originally set to debut next week, “Shooter” will instead begin July 26, the network said, “out of respect for the victims, their families and our viewers.”

The series stars Ryan Phillippe as a highly decorated ex-marine sniper who is coaxed back into action after he learns about a plot to kill the president. USA says this conspiracy thriller is “ultimately about trust, loyalty and family.”

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