Young father was beaten to death in Charleston home

A young man appeared to have been brutally beaten to death inside his Charleston home over the Fourth of July weekend, authorities and a supplemental police report indicated.

Before 1 a.m. Saturday, Gerald Lee Dilligard’s father found the 27-year-old lying on the floor between a bed and a bedroom door at 8 Rosemont St.

Officers who responded to the call noticed blood spatter on the door, the Charleston Police Department report stated. Dilligard had wounds on his head, neck and left arm, the officers noted in the document.

Coroner officials later said he had died of blunt-force trauma. It was not clear if an object or weapon was used in the slaying. The police couldn’t find any guns nearby.

Investigators had not announced any suspects by Wednesday.

During their probe, the police saw some people show up at the home next door, but the young men were not listed as possible suspects.

Dilligard had been arrested, mostly on minor charges. He served three years of probation for his most serious conviction, first-degree assault and battery.

He and his father, 55, lived together at the home just south of the Septima Clark Parkway. He worked at the Charleston City Market, the report stated.

Dilligard also had a young son. On his Facebook page, where he was known as “Muice,” he posted last month a photograph of himself and his boy clad in matching American flag T-shirts and shoes.

This week, his friends took to his page to lament his death and other slayings in the Charleston area. One woman said too many innocent children’s fathers were being killed.

“All these children will walk around fatherless due to someone simply not liking their father,” the woman wrote. “Hearing stuff like this breaks my heart.”

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