What is Pokémon Go?

A screenshot from the Pokemon Go app as a user (our reporter Alison Graham) walks along the Waterfront Park pier in Charleston.

Have you seen more people looking down at their phones than usual? They’re probably playing Pokémon Go, an app that was released last week.

The app almost has more daily active users on Android devices than Twitter, according to a Forbes report. And walking around town, you can see dozens of people playing the game.

Pokémon Go requires users to leave their houses and walk around the community to collect items and catch Pokémon.

Local landmarks, including Marion Square, various churches and even The Post and Courier, are marked as Poké-stops. When users visit these sites, they can collect poke balls to catch more Pokémon and other items like potions, revives, incense and egg incubators.

As players increase their skill level, they can train and catch better and stronger Pokémon, which are located randomly around town. Certain sites are designated as gyms, where people can travel to battle their Pokémon and take over the location for their team.

Look out later this week for more coverage on the game, some local players and potential risks of playing Pokémon Go.

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