Sorry, Charleston, this hot weather is not going anywhere

Wednesday will mark 10 days in a row of the blistering scorch reaching 95 degrees or higher. It will tie the mark for the second-longest period of abnormal heat, a record that has stood for a year.

No, that’s not the end of it. National Weather Service, Charleston, forecasters are calling for temps to climb that high until the weekend “at least,” said meteorologist James Carpenter. The forecast calls for only “a very, very slight improvement” to a high only a degree or two cooler, he said.


The federal Climate Prediction Center is calling for higher than normal temperatures, essentially the 95-degree mark, through the next 14 days.

Don’t even ask about the “real feel.” Humidity will be stifling, but the Weather Service doesn’t keep records for the heat index.

Sweating yet?

Somewhere in the next two weeks, the quiet-for-a-month Atlantic hurricane season might make some more noise. Computer models have begun to suggest that a weather pattern will shift that has been favoring the development of Pacific tropical cyclones instead of Atlantic cyclones.

“This would increase the chances of Atlantic hurricane activity as we reach the end of July,” said meteorologist Jeff Masters of Weather Underground.

The swelter so far is courtesy of the legendary “Bermuda high,” a high-pressure weather system that is locked in over the Southeast and is forecast to be through mid-August, said Mark Malsick, S.C. Climate Office severe weather liaison.

Here, drape this wet towel around your neck: The 10-day run of 95-plus degrees in 2015 occurred in mid to late June, according to the Weather Service. But the longest run on record — a 15-day span — occurred in 1986 during this time in July. Right now, it looks beatable.

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