Ravenel Bridge unity walk planned tonight

The Ravenel Bridge will be the scene of a unity walk Sunday July 10 at 8:30 p.m. (Robert Behre/staff)

MOUNT PLEASANT — Feeling a need to respond positively to the violence and racial tension that’s roiled the nation this week, and inspired by a Christian song she heard while showering, Krista Ely created a Facebook event post urging people to come together tonight for a unity walk on the Ravenel Bridge.

Several news stories, a flurry of social media, and a meeting with the Mount Pleasant Police Department later, the “Let There Be Light” walk appears to be gaining some momentum. People will gather near the base of the bridge in the town’s Memorial Waterfront Park at 8 p.m.

“We’re going to speak briefly, someone is going to read a poem,” Ely said. “We’re going to come together in love and at 8:30 walk to the top of the bridge, have a moment of silence, and then come back down.”

The walk will be on the pedestrian path and traffic should not be disrupted, according to the Police Department.

“It was a small group and it kind of grew,” said Ely, a native of the Charleston area who is an insurance and real estate agent. “After everything that happened this week I just felt compelled to do something.”

Ely, who is white, said racial harmony is an issue particularly “near and dear to my heart” because her boyfriend and co-organizer, Michael Coulter, is bi-racial.

On Friday Coulter, a real estate agent, posted on Facebook: “Being biracial (it) is sometimes tough to stomach the hate between the TWO things that make me, ME.”

“The events that have happened in America this past week have brought us to this point,” he said in a comment on the “Let There Be Light” event page. “Wanting to bridge the gap of division.”