Ouch! Vets report spike in pets bitten by snakes

Haus, a German Shepherd, recovers from a snake bite at Blue Pearl in Tampa, Fla. in May. When a venomous Eastern diamondback rattlesnake appeared in the backyard of a 7-year-old Florida girl, her German shepherd, Haus, came to her rescue, refusing to back down despite multiple snakebites.

MYRTLE BEACH — It seems some pets in the Myrtle Beach area are just snake bit.

Local veterinarians say there’s been a spike in the number of dogs and cats being bitten by snakes this summer.

Tom Hesselbacher of Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand tells The Sun News of Myrtle Beach that it’s been a heavy snake bite season and he has treated six pets for snake bites in the past week. Vets at VCA Palmetto Hospital say they are treating about seven cases a week.

Snakes are more active in the summer, especially if it’s been wet.

Treating pets can be expensive. The antivenin for copperhead, water moccasin and rattlesnake bites costs $450 a dose. Hesselbacher says one family had three dogs treated after they were bitten the same night.