Local law enforcement in Dallas to show support during officers’ funerals

Members of several local law enforcement agencies are in Dallas for the fallen officers’ funerals.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and North Charleston Police Department sent members of its Honor Guard Unit to the Lone Star State, according to Tuesday media releases. The Mount Pleasant Police Department also posted a picture on Twitter of some of its officers in Dallas.

The deputies and police officers are there “to demonstrate support for our brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community in Dallas,” the releases state. The Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard members will also present the signatures of deputies to their fellow officers. They will return by the end of the week.

Four Dallas police officers and a transit police officer were shot to death Thursday night by a sniper at a peaceful rally protesting police shooting black men.

Melissa Boughton contributed to this report. Reach Dave Munday at 843-937-5553.