A ban on weapons of the sort used to kill Baton Rouge, La., police officers Sunday has the support of a majority of Charleston County Council members.

Councilman Henry Darby sponsored a resolution in support of the ban at a Council meeting on Thursday. It calls on the governor, the legislature and the federal government to act on the issue.

“Hopefully, with the tragedy that happened today, our officials will move toward gun control in South Carolina. Really something has to be done,” Darby said Sunday. “I don’t know whether the county is first. I hope and pray that other municipalities and cities will also do the same thing.”

Council members Colleen Condon, Teddie Pryor, Vic Rawl, Herb Sass, Elliott Summey and Anna Johnson voted in favor of Darby’s resolution. Dickie Schweers and Joe Qualey abstained. Summey could not be reached Sunday for comment.

At Vice Councilman Rawl’s suggestion, Darby changed the language of his resolution from “assault-style weapons” to “semi-automatic high-capacity magazine weapons.”

Rawl noted Sunday that there was a ban on those weapons from 1994 to 2004 that expired.

“I think quite frankly, considering the use of that type of weapon in the last five years ... it’s time to renew that ban,” he said.

He said the weapons were not used for hunting and they aren’t assault weapons.

“There’s no real purpose,” he said. “If we can ban machine guns without second amendment problems, why can’t we ban high-capacity, semi-automatic weapons?”

He said he supports the Second Amendment; he is a hunter, and he owns guns. He also said he was “pleased and surprised” that the Council voted to pass the resolution.