Chief diversity officer leaving College of Charleston

College of Charleston’s chief diversity officer John Bello-Ogunu is leaving the college in August.

The College of Charleston’s chief diversity officer is leaving the college next month, college President Glenn McConnell announced Tuesday.

Associate Vice President John Bello-Ogunu was hired in 2010 to establish the college’s first Office of Institutional Diversity, charged with promoting campus diversity and boosting minority enrollment.

In an email to students and staff, McConnell said under Bello-Ogunu’s leadership, C of C launched numerous diversity initiatives, including the college’s first diversity strategic plan in institutional history.

“Because of John’s complete commitment to making the College a more diverse and inclusive university, we are well-positioned for the future and have a solid foundation upon which to grow,” McConnell said. “I am confident that we — the College of Charleston — will be a more welcoming, diverse and inclusive campus in the days and years to come.”

C of C has long struggled to recruit and retain minority students, particularly blacks, who consistently make up between 6 and 7 percent of the college’s student body. This fall, C of C will pilot a program offering automatic admission to the top 10 percent of graduating seniors at all high schools in seven South Carolina counties in an effort to enhance diversity.

Asked about Bello-Ogunu’s replacement, C of C spokesman Mike Robertson said the college had only recently received Bello-Ogunu’s notice and is “currently formulating a plan to move forward.”

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