10 things about Bennett French

Bennett French co-owns Nostalgia Garage in North Charleston.

“We now have room to grow and have added a much-needed ability to paint cars on site. Our new location is still very centrally located,” French said. “We are tickled pink to be where we are.”

French and his team at Nostalgia Garage specialize in bringing new life to classic cars. One of their most popular services is a revamp French dubbed “restomod,” keeping the body and interior classic, but bringing the mechanics of a car up-to-date.

“More and more these days, people are driving their classic cars, taking them on trips, participating in organized cross-country tours and driving events,” French said. “They want a car that is going to get them where they want to go reliably and as safely as a modern vehicle and often with the performance and luxury features found in some of today’s top name-brand, high-performance luxury vehicles.”

French keeps the garage operations running smoothly, meeting with clients, answering the phones and keeping “a watchful eye on everything.”

When he’s not busy in the garage, French likes to travel, though he’s a few years overdue for his next exotic adventure. In his spare time, he explores new restaurants and visits breweries. He likes live music and counts The Sparrow and The Mill as two of his favorite North Charleston venues.

Personally, French is looking to put down roots in North Charleston, as well. He’s hoping to buy a home in Park Circle.

1. I love to sing karaoke.

2. I once had a pet cow, which I occasionally rode. I would even jump her over low hurdles.

3. I traveled to and lived in Perth, Australia, for six months where I rode vintage motorcycles both on- and off-road regularly, bought and sold a couple vintage British cars, and indulged in my love of sailing at the Royal Perth Yacht Club every Wednesday. I was basically a bum for six months. It was awesome.

4. I’m a huge “Doctor Who” fan.

5. I am as at home and enjoy going to a punk rock concert as much as I like going to the symphony.

6. I make an awesome Indian chicken curry dish.

7. I drank my first and only cup of coffee in my entire life about six months ago. It was OK.

8. I used to participate in vintage sports car racing in a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. I hope to take this hobby up again one day soon.

9. Not a fan of raw or steamed oysters but I love ’em smoked and served out of the tin.

10. I once won two tickets to the movie “The Gambler” by winning a chicken squawking contest, live, on the country music radio channel WQDI in Homestead, Fla. I think I was 7. N