Charleston 350 is seeking a group of community volunteers who are interested in history, savvy with social media and available to support a digital campaign to help commemorate Charleston’s 350 Commemoration. Volunteer opportunities will be available at future events.

Partnering Events

In order for the Charleston 350 Commemoration to offer a wide array of programming for the city of Charleston’s residents, neighbors and visitors, it is imperative that local organizations, municipalities, and businesses take an active role in the commemoration. It is the city’s desire that every citizen and visitor have an opportunity to learn, reflect and grow by taking part in the Charleston 350 Commemoration. In order to accomplish this goal, partnering events will be an essential part of the Commemoration. These events represent the heart and soul of the Charleston 350 Commemoration.


With the generous support of the Coastal Community Foundation, a special Charleston 350 Commemoration Fund has been established to support the mission and vision of the Charleston 350 Commemoration. Your gift to Charleston 350 starts here.


Leaving a legacy is an essential goal of the Charleston 350 Commemoration. By being a sponsor, the Commemoration will be able to explore creative ways to share our story with the community, in ways that will last a lifetime.