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May 24, 1788 - Lutheran faith in Charleston

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May 24, 1788 - Lutheran faith in Charleston

St. John's Lutheran Church

The first Lutheran Holy Communion was held by Rev. John Martin Bolzius, before a chapel existed.

The official Saint John’s congregation was organized in 1742 with the arrival of Dr. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, the father of the Lutheran Church in America. He stopped in Charleston for two days while on his way to visit the Salzburger colony at Ebenezer, Ga. He returned a month later and spent three weeks waiting for a ship to Philadelphia. During his longer visit, he held services, taught catechism to the children of German residents and held services with communion on Sundays at various places including the Huguenot Church.

Construction began on the first Saint John’s chapel in 1759. It was located on Clifford Street (behind the present Archdale church) and was dedicated in 1764.