Three charged in stabbing death of Lee Correctional Institution inmate

COLUMBIA — Three inmates were charged Tuesday in connection with the stabbing death of one prisoner and the attempted murder of a second during an incident last month at Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville.

Terrance Griffin, 29, Quintin S. Lumpkins, 20, and Michael R. Wylie Jr., 27, all are charged with the murder of Ae Kingratsaiphon and the attempted murder of Anthony Major.

According to the warrant, Griffin, Lumpkins and Wylie on June 22 forced their way into a cell where Kingratsaiphon and Major were. The two were stabbed with homemade weapons.

Kingratsaiphon died on the scene from several stab wounds to the body. Major, who was stabbed several times in the body and head, was taken to a local hospital to be treated.

Lee Correctional is a maximum security prison that currently houses about 1,500 inmates.

Griffin is serving 30 years for voluntary manslaughter from a case in Charleston County. He had been disciplined several times since his incarceration began in 2008 for infractions, such as possessing a weapon and striking an employee.

Lumpkins was serving 15 years for an attempted armed robbery in Orangeburg County. He escaped from Lee in July 2014 and has been disciplined for several other infractions since he was first imprisoned in March 2014.

Wylie was serving 15 years for attempted murder in York County. He previously had been disciplined several times for violations including possessing a weapon and exhibitionism, which includes publicly doing overt sexual acts while exposing himself.

All three were moved to Kirkland Correctional Institution on July 8 and are in solitary confinement.

Kingratsaiphon, 35, was convicted of a murder that occurred in Aiken. He began serving a life sentence in 1999. Major, 24, was convicted of strong armed robbery in Marlboro County and began serving an eight-year sentence in 2012.

S.C. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Stephanie Givens said three inmates were stabbed Sunday in the same dorm where Kingratsaiphon was killed. Sunday’s stabbing sent the three men to the hospital.

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