Pro-Canada, anti-Clinton-Trump billboard a good gag for house sales

Real estate agent Jeff Cook has a billboard featuring presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump July 19, 2016. Michael Wiser/Staff

A local real estate company’s billboard that plays on the anti-Donald Trump, anti-Hillary Clinton mood of the country is working.

Realtor Jeff Cook posted his sign along Interstate 26 on Monday - Day One of the Republican National Convention - showing pictures the presumptive party nominees.

The accompanying wording asks the question: “Moving to Canada? We can sell your home.”

While America is less than enthusiastic about their ticket choices, as of Wednesday, at least three customers had come into Cook’s office quoting the sign as the reason they wanted his company to sell their property, he said.

“They’re ticked off about politics,” he said.

Cook said the sign is not unique to Charleston and that some of his fellow real estate agent buddies are doing the same thing elsewhere in other parts of the country.

He also doubted anyone is specifically selling their house with the intention of heading north across the border to start a new life.

But he did say the idea is at least getting him more notice in a red-hot Charleston sales market.