Guest Democratic convention columnist Brady Quirk-Garvan: Michelle Obama unifies

Brady Quirk-Garvan

The first official day of the Democratic National Convention is now over and what an exciting day it was. Most of the delegates arrived on Sunday evening, and we kicked off the week with a welcome party at the Kimmell Center. We joined with several other states from across the country and were entertained by a variety of musicians.

On Monday morning, we began the official proceedings of the convention. Every morning the entire delegation meets together for breakfast to hear from some speakers, get instructions for the day and receive our credentials for the convention center.

The South Carolina and Louisiana delegations heard from U.S. Sen. Cory Booker amongst others. Sen. Booker was an amazing speaker and electrified the room — a nice preview of his speech to the entire delegation later in the evening.

In the afternoon, all of the delegates got on shuttles to go to the convention hall to begin the proceedings. Getting to the convention hall requires quite a bit of time due to the level of security around the event. The shuttles ran smoothly as we moved through the various check points and got to the convention area.

There has been an amazing amount of security and visible law enforcement presence in Philadelphia. Everyone has been expressing how grateful they are to those law enforcement officers for being here in Philadelphia.

The first votes began shortly after 4 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Center. Despite a small fraction of Bernie Sanders delegates who vocalized their anger at losing the primary, it was a great program. On night one we heard from amazing speakers like Sens. Al Franken, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders — and the highlight of the night was clearly Michelle Obama.

No matter who delegates voted for in the primary, there is wide consensus that Michelle Obama stole the show last night. She is well liked by everyone in the Democratic Party, and her delivery and the content of the speech was on point for the crowd.

As they have done throughout their Presidency, the Obamas encouraged us to look to the better nature of politics. Compared with the doom and gloom of the Republican convention last week, Michelle Obama encouraged us to think about what is possible to accomplish in our nation.

Her speech will likely go down as a turning point in this campaign as a unifying moment for Democrats.