Dodging urine filled water balloons

Jonathan Hoffman,Provided and via Twitter @hoffmanforsc

We are officially halfway home. After a controversy-filled first day, the Republican National Convention’s second day was a little more conventional.

The notable events in the Quicken Loans Arena Tuesday included the roll call of the states – the actual vote for the nominee – and speeches by two of Trump’s children. And by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The roll call vote was relatively contentious - as these things go - because some state party rules could be interpreted to prohibit delegates from voting at the convention for a candidate who has dropped out of the race (even if they have just “suspended” their campaign in the common political parlance).

Some states voted their state results anyways (Utah and Alaska) regardless of the rule interpretation, and those votes were recorded for Trump even if the voters clearly voted for someone else in the primary or caucus.

This led to a good bit of shouting and general animosity but it did nothing to change the result. Trump is officially the GOP nominee for president and based on the speeches by his children last night, that would be a good thing. Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany Trump both gave effective (and original) speeches that highlighted their father’s personal side.

Christie carried water as an attack dog focused on Hillary Clinton in a very enthusiastic floor speech interrupted often with chants from the floor of “Lock her up!”

Our delegation breakfast Wednesday featured remarks by Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott, Rep. Mark Sanford and other elected members of state delegation.

It would be difficult to overstate the popularity of Gov. Haley and Sen. Scott with GOP delegates from other parts of the country.

Tuesday night there with a major clash between different protest groups in one of the key public parks near the “Q” and the delegation hotel. Law enforcement expertly managed the groups, separated factions, removed key agitators on both sides, and kept the peace. Other than a few too many urine filled water balloons tossed around, it was a calm evening.