Democratic Convention Guest Blogger Brady Quirk-Garvan: ‘It’s been amazing’

Brady Quirk-Garvan

The second day of the Democratic Convention has wrapped up, and it’s been amazing. The day started off with a breakfast where the delegates heard from some amazing speakers.

The South Carolina delegation is staying in the same hotel as the Louisiana delegation, so it’s a large contingent of a few hundred people. It’s been nice for the delegates to have some camaraderie with fellow southern Democrats.

During the day, delegates split up to do several different activities. Some have explored the city and seen some of its historic sites. Some delegates attend caucus events — gatherings of activists and policy makers who unite to work on specific topics such as small business, LGBTQ rights, Women’s rights etc. During the caucus events, specific policy is discussed as well as tactics on how to advance their issues.

In the evening, everyone heads down to the Wells Fargo Center for the actual convention. Last night was incredible. As the South Carolina delegates gathered around the podium to cast their votes for the first female President, the crowd was electric.

Everyone felt the historic nature of the moment — it’s something that people will want to tell their children and grandchildren about.

Later in the evening we heard from the first speaker from South Carolina: Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia. To see someone up on stage from our state was truly special, and Mayor Benjamin knocked it out of the park.

To close out the night we heard from a true rock star: former President Bill Clinton. President Bill Clinton is one of the best orators and storytellers out there, regardless of which party you belong to. As someone who really enjoys policy, he took a different tact and spoke of his personal relationship with Hillary Clinton.

He was able to tell of he met her and how their relationship and marriage have grown over the years. It was a very moving speech, and I think it showed a different side of this couple that has been in the public light for so many years.