Brenda Rindge’s piece “Who voted for that tax hike?” recounts an effort on the part of Berkeley County Council to blame the school board for a millage hike and proclaim their own innocence.

Brian Hicks’ column “Tax bills: Transparency or politics” shares the same content from a different perspective.

In all fairness, Berkeley County Council ought to include in its mailout the names of its members who voted to take a million dollars from the school district budget last year and give it to the county.

And by the way, before County Council found that money in the school district, they were all set to raise taxes to deal with Berkeley County’s growth issues.

It’s also surprising that a fiscally responsible council would spend $5,000 to publicize information that is available at no charge on the school district website.

It isn’t fiscally responsible to educate children in overcrowded class rooms and school buildings.

Teaching is a labor-intensive job. More students means more teachers.

Eighty percent or more of the average school district budget is for salaries and benefits.

Berkeley County Council’s budget is a whole different ballgame. It is not fair to compare the two, as council member Josh Whitley has done.

The state Legislature has consistently underfunded both public education and local governments, causing both to have to pass shortfalls on to taxpayers.

If County Council wants to point fingers, perhaps it should include the names and contact information for the Berkeley County Legislative Delegation.

Berkeley citizens need County Council and the school board to be true partners, not competitors.

Placing blame on the school district wasn’t a good idea when Jim Rozier did it years ago, and it isn’t a good idea now.

We need everyone working together to make Berkeley County the great place it can be.

I urge County Council to rescind this mean-spirited legislation and move beyond petty grudges and grievances to a true collegial relationship with the school board.

Jane Pulling

Pinopolis Road