After Donald J. Trump’s 75-minute doom-and-gloom speech at the Republican Convention, I was tempted to use my Second Amendment right as a “well regulated militia” to run out and purchase a gun in order to protect my home from the rampaging hoards out there. Then the sun came out on a beautiful Saturday morning, July 23, and The Post and Courier made me feel much better about things.

Page 1 of the “Business & Tech” section reported that the state’s jobless rate is lowest since ’01, a co-worker company is eyeing Upper King Street, new refi surges as rates are still low, and methodical growth drives stock markets to more record highs.

If Donald J. Trump wins the election, will he save us from all of this? Because he hasn’t told us his specific proposals about anything that he has promised, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he is our real savior. God help us.

Tom Kulick

Marsh Edge Lane

Kiawah Island