I want to point out the FBI’s total evasion of an issue of colossal substance.

A white paper out of the United Kingdom details gross mistakes made by George W. Bush and his advisors Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and others regarding the Iraqi war.

It cost the United States the lives of over 4,000 GIs and many times more in loss of limbs and other permanent damage. Over 100,000 Iraqi citizens died and billions of dollars were unaccounted for. It lasted eight years, having been started with misinformation, poor planning and execution, with no objective of ending it in sight.

Bush ignored the CIA’s advice that there were no weapons of mass destruction — that it was a fable started by a disgruntled Iraqi dissenter in an effort to gain favor in Iraqi government. Our president believed him, although the dissenter admitted fraud later.

Bush made up his mind that the threat was real and continued his mindless pursuit of it.

I wonder why the FBI has not made an effort to compile a list of errors. Why have no congressional hearings been held to interrogate the guilty in the White House and then punish them for the grossest calamity they created out of misinformation and ignorance?

Sen. Lindsey Graham arranged three such hearings to beat Hillary Clinton over the head for her negligence to gather timely intelligence in Benghazi thousands of miles away and protect our embassy.

I demand that the FBI report to our citizens, as did the UK, the facts on the Iraqi war, and explain the discrepancy in the handling of both cases.

Auvo Kemppinen

Lake Moultrie Drive