Thank you for publishing Kathleen Parker’s lovely meditation/essay “From ‘Brexit’ revolt, across the pond, to America’s ‘Trexit.’ ”

Parker’s insights into the stream of meaning/need flowing beneath the surface of current political activity are elegiacally moving.

I hear several variations on what I understand is her master melody, but one voices it best of all: “Their retreat isn’t only away from the European Union and, inferentially, from globalization, concubine of the New World Order.

“It is rather a turning back toward home, the idea as well as the place. Home is who we are, the values we share, the traditions we practice and the one flag to which we all pledge allegiance.”

I conclude, as one who has no pony in the upcoming presidential contest, that no matter our political preferences, our disparate views on current social issues, our levels of formal education, our racial and ethnic backgrounds, there is one thing we all need — perhaps more deeply than we can always know:

We need home, a place/state/relationship in which we are known and from the well of which we draw our true and durable selves.

“Brexit” was about money, various political issues and that which outlives both, as Parker has so well reminded us all.

William Decker

Sanderson Lane