I was in Charleston for the June 13 primary election for the S.C. Senate District 41. My son Culver Kidd was a candidate.

This letter is not about his loss, but how few people turned out to vote. There are roughly 80,000 registered voters in District 41. A horrendous number of 6,726 actually voted or 8.4 percent.

I am an elected official in Georgia and fuss when we have a 44 percent turnout.

It seems Charlestonians could care less about what their state Legislature does — be it raise taxes, let the highways deteriorate or adopt gun control.

Personally I hope my son moves to an area where residents care enough about their neighborhoods, their community and their state to vote. The right to vote is what many Americans — many Charlestonians — have died for.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

E. Culver Kidd

S. Wayne Street

Milledgeville, Ga.