My jaw dropped when I read the comments from the mother of one of the nine heroes who died doing his duty, trying to save lives and protect the community: “If they do one memorial, they should do the other.” Fair enough.

We were never to forget the Charleston Nine firefighters, but it appears they were never considered for the airport memorial to the victims of the Emanuel Church shootings.

The death of nine firefighters was a terrible tragedy across the country. We were never to forget those who died, but it appears the members of the Charleston Aviation Authority have. They should work hard to rectify their oversight in not including the fallen firefighters.

Yes, there is a memorial on Savannah Highway, all dressed out with PVC crosses. But it is a lackluster memorial. There are memorials all over the city for those who have died since the city was founded, many old, some new.

I urge the Aviation Authority to think hard about this and display equally and proudly both memorials. After all, we are the No. 1 city in the world to visit. We should not forget.

Michael Allen

Downing Street