What was the Charleston Parks Conservancy thinking? The plantings around Colonial Lake have no design whatsoever. The willy-nilly nature of the plantings is not pleasing to the eye. It looks like a nursery. In addition, palm trees have been planted in such a way that the tops are already within the boughs of live oaks.

What was the Gibbes Museum thinking? The first floor looks like a high school corridor with its closed doors to classrooms and studios.

Visitors who can’t navigate the stairs, must walk down this barren corridor through an empty reception to get to the elevator and finally view art in the galleries on the top floors.

What was the city thinking to allow golf carts downtown? Parents who drive cars have to secure their children in car seats, but children bounce along unsecured in these golf carts. If a cart were hit by a car, these children would be injured or dead.

Cornelia Carrier

Broad Street