Recent figures published by the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative make it painfully clear that “the emperor has no clothes.” Despite stunning gains in high school graduation rates, only one-third of our third graders can read at grade level, college entrance test scores have flatlined and 90 percent of Trident Tech students require remediation in math.

We have successfully learned how to issue diplomas to illiterate, non-educated young adults at an alarming rate. Think of the wasted time, talent and treasure. It’s not too far-fetched to tie some of the general hostility and violence in today’s society to a broken education system.

Here’s a first step. I invite Dr. Postlewait, Mr. Pye and Ms. Blackburn, local school superintendents, to take a pledge to reject the graduation rate as a primary goal and to replace it with one to educate each and every student to the best of his potential, in spite of bureaucratic, state, federal, economic and other external factors.

Testing and measurement are vital but must be used to measure the progress of the students, not the schools, and should be “minimally invasive.”

Educating our citizens is a prime responsibility of government. We as taxpayers have to demand at every level and opportunity that this fraud is stopped.


Scalybark Road