I am a student of American history. History was my college major, and it still intrigues me. I have many books that cover the elections of our 44 presidents and the election or appointment of our 47 vice presidents.

Although there have been scandals in several administrations while in office, I know of no other presidential presumptive nominee who has had more baggage before an election than Hillary Clinton. She has to be the most deceitful person to ever seek our nation’s highest office.

Furthermore, I know there are many so-called conservative elitists who abhor the thought of voting for Donald Trump. Some of them think that after four years of Hillary the American people will be so tired of liberal leadership that we as a nation will flock to a more consistent conservative government. I think not.

I think after another four years of this slippery slide to socialism, the Democrats will be safely established for years to come — probably forever. This election therefore is the most important of our lifetime. It will determine whether we continue to live as free Americans or become a socialist country with our people totally dependent on government largesse.

I therefore am supporting Donald Trump. He has a keen business sense, which is more than our current community organizer has ever had.

Furthermore, to those conservative snobs who choose to vote Democrat or to sit this one out, I only hope they do not rue the day they made that choice.

Buddy Milligan

Riverland Woods Place