For years, on a daily basis, national and local news programs have reported on murders of young, black males by other black males. This deplorable scene has turned into an epidemic in the United States.

Cities across the country face the unenviable task of attempting to control the senseless slaughter of young black lives and innocent bystanders, even in the Charleston area. Despite this ongoing tragedy there is no apparent outrage, no protest, no demonstrations by black people. And black “leaders” are as silent as church mice regarding this issue.

Then comes Ferguson, Missouri, and the death of a black person by a white policeman. All hell breaks loose based on witnesses whose accounts were later refuted. Pent-up attitudes toward white people gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement, when actually all lives matter.

But where are the outrage, protests and taking to the streets when five to ten black people are gunned down in Chicago on a weekly basis? Or in Los Angeles? Or Miami? Or how about right here in Charleston?

Practically every other day a black person is being shot by another black person and nothing is said by this group. Nothing. Not a peep. Did these victims’ lives matter?

Let’s quit dancing around the truth like it is some deadly entity that will kill you if you speak it.

The name Black Lives Matter needs to be amended to: Black Lives Matter only if killed by a white person.

Mike McInerny

Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island