There will be a proposal on the November ballot to raise the sales tax by a half cent. That in itself seems like a small amount; however, when added to our present 8.5 percent tax we reach a relatively high 9 percent.

The increased income is to be spent on a laundry list of highway improvements in Charleston County. Amazingly this increase is backed by the construction and paving interests.

There has been a failure by the media to report the total yearly budget of S.C. Department of Transportation, let alone how it is allocated in relation to the proposed increase. The DOT’s website indicates a 2015 budget of $1,540 million. This a sad attempt to keep the citizens from realizing that the figure is $1.5 billion. Million sounds so much less than billion.

Good luck with the tax passage initiative. County residents are much more astute than they are given credit for.

ROBERT SAVIN, M.D. Privateer Creek Road

Johns Island