This is the second time in two weeks that I have picked up the paper and read that South Carolina has the least expensive gasoline prices in the United States. What’s wrong with this picture?

It seems the majority of our roads and bridges have fallen into such disrepair they have become unsafe. Congestion and bumper-to-bumper traffic going from home to “anywhere” has become a nightmare. We need these roadways repaired and expanded and we need it now. And what have the “powers that be” suggested to fix the problem? “Raise the sales tax.” We are paying 8.5 to 9 percent now. The people who work and live in South Carolina are tired of paying, paying and paying again. I, for one, will vote “No” to this method, even if it means we have to suffer a little longer.

To the governor and local politicians: How about passing on the costs to the folks who actually use the roads? Let the vacationers, tourists and out-of-state visitors pick up some of the bill.

Raise the tax on gasoline and stop putting the entire burden on those who buy food, clothing and necessities, the working people of your state.

Trish Ernstrom

Long Bend Drive

Johns Island