Brian Hicks hit the nail on the head in his June 12 column when, in reference to The Atlantic lawsuit against the Town of Mount Pleasant, he said: “So they [Town Council members] talked about buying the land for a park — big deal. They didn’t do it.”

True, “politicians in every town bat around ideas outside of council meetings.” In this case they weren’t the only ones, as residents all over town, myself included and especially the surrounding neighborhoods, were publicly wishing that this 15-acre property along the marsh overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and Sullivan’s Island could be preserved in perpetuity.

The Atlantic’s impact assessment and conceptual plan were voted down for several reasons.

According to the Coleman Revitalization Advisory Board (CRAB) master plan, Ben Sawyer Boulevard provides a “gateway to the beach,” and this should be a “decompression zone,” transitioning from more urban to less urban.

The Atlantic did not adhere to this plan.

Also, the many surrounding neighborhoods conducted extensive transportation research and proved that traffic on this two-lane part of Ben Sawyer absolutely could not be mitigated, despite solutions recommended by the developer.

A big thank you to our Mount Pleasant officials for respecting and voting for our quality of life.

Patricia P. Sullivan

Plantation Court

Mount Pleasant