Lately the Veterans Administration’s health care system has been the target of much criticism.

Some of it is justifiable, but the old-breed Marine NCO that I am wonders why nobody takes the time to commend the good the VA does and has done.

VA employees are some of the most dedicated hard-working, compassionate, caring and unappreciated folks it has been my honor to know.

I am a cancer survivor, have had a stroke and an aneurism; I am a recovering addict thanks to these dedicated professionals.

Just ask my grandchildren. They will explain how the VA medical center fixed their granddaddy and keeps him alive.

The chaplain’s office, primary care speciality clinics, mental health support, pain management staff, nurses, physician assistants and even wise old housekeepers care, share, pray and heal numerous veterans and their loved ones.

Sure, like any large bureaucracy or institution they have some serious problems, which some are quick to criticize.

But Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center employees are loved, respected and needed. They are like the swan gliding gracefully across a pond. But if you peek below the water line, you would see those webbed feet paddling like mad to keep that graceful body afloat.

The VA medical center and other VA employees are those paddling to keep things afloat.

Wayne A. Moore Sr.

Millstone Drive

North Charleston