For decades my wife and I have enjoyed jogging around Colonial Lake, and we’ve always parked on Rutledge Avenue across the street from the home where I grew up.

While we love the finished product of the lake’s recent renovation, we’re curious about the logic of its strategic design.

A profuse variety of plants and flowers line both Rutledge and Ashley avenues to the curb. While this lush array of vegetation is a beauty to behold, one can’t exit the car’s passenger side without stepping on a flower or shrub or sinking into wet mulch.

And there are only a couple of paved spots providing entry to the sidewalk surrounding the lake.

It seems to me that a path of grass adjacent to the street would have made more sense, however, not nearly as lovely.

But what do I know about gardening?

Plants won’t live for me. Some of them don’t even wait to die — they commit suicide.

Ira Berendt

Wespanee Drive