During the War Between the States, both North and South were hard pressed to come up with ways to finance the vast armies and navies required to fight a full-fledged war.

Thaddeus Stevens of the (Union) House Ways and Means Committee said: “While the rich and thrifty will be obliged to contribute largely from the abundance of their means — no burdens have been placed on the industrious laborer and mechanic. The food of the poor is untaxed; and no one will be affected by this bill whose living depends solely on his manual labor.”

When the sales tax exceeds the income tax you are taking bread out of the mouths of babes: The poor pay the same tax and franchise fees as the rich on their utility bills and a much larger percentage on the cars they purchase.

Our governor is trying to reduce the income tax even more while the county is trying to raise the sales tax again. The income tax is 7 percent and sales tax is 8½ percent. If God can live on 10 percent why can’t the government? Vote No to the sales tax increase.

Merrill D. Ridgway

McRoy Street

North Charleston