I am simply beside myself. Recently a request was made to rezone an area of West Ashley near Wappoo Road and Highway 17 from residential to commercial. This is where I live and spend most of my life.

The goal of this proposal was apparently to “beautify” the area as well as to attract more business there. This clearly would mean more in tax revenue and fewer places to live.

As we have seen with disastrous destruction and construction in Mount Pleasant, this is nothing more than a tax revenue generator.

I have watched private homes around me be purchased and turned into businesses.

How is that legal?

The home next to mine is now slated to be a restaurant. One up the street is a family counseling center.

How did all of that slip by?

Residents of West Ashley are fed up beyond belief with traffic and the lack of county funding to increase our roadways to handle this projected increase in business. Asinine actions by elected officials are making traffic and infrastructure problems expand exponentially.

Sometimes it takes me an hour to go from downtown to my home in West Ashley — six miles.

Sometimes it takes two hours to get from West Ashley to Mount Pleasant — 15 miles.

When are we going to stop the growth and poor planning until we actually have an infrastructure to support it? If we were to have another Katrina or Hugo no one would be able to get out of Charleston.

The city, county and state are responsible for this irresponsible growth, all for tax dollars.

No more growth until tax-paying residents here can live and travel safely.

Michael J. Finnell

1st Drive