I forced myself to watch a few of the performers on TV during the Democratic convention, with little hope I’d see anything regarding a bright future for America with another Democratic president. This political circus turned out to be a liberal love fest and side show. The crowd was intoxicated with the performers. TV cameras focused on those with tears streaming down their face. They were coming down my face also as I witnessed the continued demise of our beloved country.

One event shocked me beyond belief. The unmitigated gall of the DNC for parading former impeached President Bill Clinton onto the stage as though he was a stalwart of integrity, as well as the faithful husband of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Bill went on ad nauseam of his deep devotion to Hillary, apparently hoping young voters might not have been old enough in 1992 to recall how his sexual affair in the White House embarrassed his wife and his country. How could he attempt to present a figure of honesty and faithfulness to America when Congress found him guilty of lying about this sordid event?

Hillary has stated many times that she will find a “suitable role” for Bill in her administration. The thought of Hillary bringing Bill back into the same White House is ludicrous and indicative of her moral decay.

The Democratic Party appears to have abolished even the lowest standards of personal and professional conduct for its members.

The impassioned pleas of President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and other ringleaders for free everything to everyone punish the wealthy for acquiring wealth, reward the poor with instant financial entitlements provided by the working wealthy, give uneducated and unskilled workers dramatic increases in minimum wages, and expand abortion rights to allow women to kill more of their unborn children because they didn’t want to bother about birth control.

Only an imbecile could believe these types of measures will build a strong nation of proud, independent, patriotic citizens.

E. DuBose Blakeney III

Church Flats Road