In a July 4 letter to the editor titled “Important decision” the writer states he is furious about how Hillary Clinton handled the Benghazi attack several years ago. How does the writer expect anyone to protect four Americans living in Libya, when our government can’t even protect citizens living right here in the United States?

We are no longer safe anywhere, including our schools, universities, churches, clubs, theatres or shopping centers.

Our Republican elected officials represent the National Rifle Association and not the American people who voted for them. They refuse to pass any common-sense gun control, even though the majority of Americans are in favor of it.

When a terrorist can legally buy an automatic weapon and a huge magazine of ammo, and then kill dozens of innocent people, Benghazi seems rather trivial by comparison.

This decision is a big one, and we should all consider what is most important to us when deciding who will represent us for the next four years. I will vote for all the candidates who vote to protect me and those I love.

Marge Rockwell

Seacroft Road