Dorchester County needs public libraries. Summerville’s library, the George H. Seago, Jr., branch, has warranted serious attention for a decade, though it still tries to serve.

Dorchester County’s growing community is replete with growing minds. Individuals in Dorchester County are life-long learners who use their minds to read, reflect and discuss. Life-long learners help ensure their community, as well as areas surrounding it, upholds civility by moving forward safely, sensitively, justly and respectfully.

Only two public libraries exist in the entire county of Dorchester: one on N. Parler Avenue in St. George and one on Old Trolley Road in Summerville. Nearby Berkeley County has at least a half dozen libraries; Charleston County has over a dozen. Spartanburg County has 10 libraries.

One might argue that other counties have larger populations. However, we must remember what Jennie Redmond, library director of Dorchester County, points out: Assessments “predicted county population growth would reach 150,000.” But that number was projected for 2035. Dorchester County has reached that total — 20 years ahead of schedule.

If we still had streets with newsboys and town criers, we’d hear loudly and clearly what we need to know: Dorchester County needs more public libraries.

Ellen E. Hyatt, M.Ed.

Schooner Bend Avenue