Recently Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton described each other as “unfit to be president.” They’re both correct. Both are woefully dishonest and determined to continue the federal government’s malicious war on individual freedoms. Informed citizens would be crazy to vote for either of these surreptitious characters to direct the executive branch of government.

The logical choice to restore personal liberty is Libertarian. Many Americans aren’t aware that a team of successful, two-term, former Republican governors, Gary Johnson and William Weld, will be on the ballot in all 50 states. The media says they are kooky, but the truth is they have more executive experience in government and a better commitment to constitutional principles than any other candidates.

By voting Libertarian, there is nothing to lose. Their party won’t have a majority in Congress, and Libertarians have too much respect for the Constitution to try legislating by executive order. For the first time, we’d actually have an executive branch that would work with Congress from a position of strength because they would not be beholden to either party or lobbyists.

A President Gary Johnson would work for us from the White House to right the ship of state by eliminating the corrupt IRS in favor of a fair, honest tax system, and by reforming other despotic federal agencies that are destroying liberty. The Libertarian platform is on its website. You won’t hear about it on TV, but it will be on your November ballot.

Jane Kenny

Honesty Lane