I listened intently to FBI Director James B. Comey’s words, regarding the guilt or innocence of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. What I saw was pain and anguish on the director’s face as he told us that Mrs. Clinton had broken the law, but a guilty verdict would be impossible to get. I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach: knowing Mrs. Clinton had beaten the system again.

I was pulling for an indictment but I think I understand Mr. Comey’s position.

After having time to digest the director’s words, I’ve come to the conclusion that Director Comey believes the country he loves so much and has served for so long is more important than having Hillary Clinton behind bars.

To put the United States of America through the pain and agony of a long and drawn out trial of a former first lady, a former U. S. senator and a former Secretary of State would be so devastating to our country that rather than indict Mrs. Clinton for crimes committed, Director Comey chose to let the citizens of this country choose at the ballot box this November on Mrs. Clinton’s guilt or innocence.

In the end, the people will get the final say and maybe that’s the way it should be.

Charlie Lybrand

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