I don’t buy Sen. Tim Scott’s umbrage at being asked for his ID when entering the congressional office building. I am a retired senior naval officer who must produce picture ID to enter a military installation when my car bears a “base sticker” and again to purchase in a commissary or exchange. I must show picture ID to vote.

The U.S. Capitol and federal buildings are (and should be) the most protected in the United States.

Sen. Scott rose from being a State Farm Insurance agent to the U.S. Senate by an appointment.

He is an exceptional individual, an inspiration to all of us of all colors, and he would do better for all of us just to produce his ID, ask the guard to notice his face for future encounters and move on to do the job we elected him to do.

He’s chosen to call attention to his race as a limitation instead of offering a real leader’s advice to his race based on his meteoric rise and its foundational basis and his life story.

Art Field

Confederate Circle