I would like to comment on Sen. Tim Scott’s mission to help fight poverty. School choice and tax breaks for employers are not the answer; neither is letting private business do the investing in the poorest communities.

Our legislators aren’t doing a very good job of governing if their answer is to privatize as much as possible and give tax breaks to business.

A good way to combat poverty is to raise the minimum wage and make it easier for workers to collectively bargain. Unions help minorities and women get equal pay for equal work.

What a lot of people forget is that in order for our society to function all jobs should be respected and all workers should earn a living wage.

If someone cleans rooms at hotels that job is as important to the success of the hotel as the CEOs.

If Sen. Scott really wants to help fight poverty he would be talking to groups that help working people like the AFL-CIO, Working America and the Economic Policy Institute.

Erin McKee

President, S.C. AFL-CIO

Short River Court

Mount Pleasant